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GI & GI S-M LLC (henceforth the “Company”) recognises the significance of personal data (henceforth the “data”) of the visitors to our websites. We are committed to protecting personal data, as well as respecting the privacy of the individual on the Internet, and always in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework. The management and protection of the personal data of the person using the GI & GI S-M LLC website is governed by the provisions of the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, the decisions of the competent Authority and these Terms.

This Personal Data Protection Policy applies to the Company’s websites. Its purpose is to provide information regarding the collection, storage, use and other forms of processing by the Company of the visitors’ data, in the Company’s capacity as the Data Controller, as well as the rights of the visitors in accordance with the applicable provisions.

The Company provides integrated solutions for warehouse management services through the conclusion of Project Contracts charged on an hourly basis. Our Company at the same time, as a shareholder of the Temporary Employment Society Anonymous with the corporate name of “GM TESA”, provides its customers with temporary employment services, in accordance with the provisions under the applicable legislation and Laws 4052/2012 and 4254/2014.

Within the context of its operations, the Company collects and manages data through its websites and through the services it offers. The collection and processing of the data occurs exclusively and only for the purposes of the Company’s legal and proper operation and so that it may provide the visitors to its website with the best possible experience. Some of this data is directly provided to the Company by website visitors (customers, prospective employees or third parties) and other data is indirectly acquired by the Company, which collects data on the interaction, use and experience of the visitors with the Company’s website. The data collected is dependent upon the general framework of the interaction of visitors with the Company and the choices made by the latter, in relation to settings for protecting personal data. It also acquires data from third-party visitors of the website.

1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is the Single-Shareholder Limited Liability Corporation with the corporate name of “GI & GI S-M LLC”, Gennimata Avenue (Oinois - Magoulas Regional Road) - Havosi Location, Magoula Attica, Postcode 19018, Telephone No: 210.55.51248 &, GEMI No: 153529001000.

2. Data Protection Officer

You can contact the Data Protection Officer on matters pertaining to the processing of your personal data at the address: Gennimata Avenue (Oinois - Magoulas Regional Road) - Havosi Location, Magoula Attica, ΤΚ 19018, Telephone No: 210.55.51248 &, or via email at: info@g-g.com.gr .

3. Personal data that is collected:

3.1. Data of the website users that is necessary for managing electronic services, submitting electronic applications, comments, complaints, questions and requests through the Company’s website. More specifically:

- Identification data: Given name & surname, TIN, ID Card No., Date of Birth, etc.

- Contact data: email address, postal address, Landline / Mobile phone number, etc.

-Data that is related to the services provided by the Company: type of service requested by the Company’s customers, curriculum vitae of prospective employees, etc.

3.2. Error reports / data performance / problems.

Data is collected in relation to complaints or remarks for performances by our employees at the facilities of our customers, any errors or omissions made by the employees during the provision of their services to our customers, as well as any resulting damages to the customers – suppliers of the Company, due to that event.

Data is similarly collected in relation to complaints, remarks, suggestions or accusations by employees of the Company regarding the customers – suppliers where they are employed, as well as any problems that the employees may have encountered and in respect of which they submit a relevant report to the Company.

3.3. Cookies and other technology. As it is extensively described in the Cookies Policy , the Company collects information through the use of cookies and similar technology, such as transparent image files (web beacons) and social plug-ins.

4. Purpose of processing data.

The Company exclusively uses the data that it collects for the following purposes:

4.1. For conducting its business operations and ensuring improvement and personalisation in the products and services that it offers.

4.2. For dispatching communications, inclusive of advertising material via email or telephone contact (promotional activities, offers, etc.).

5. Data security

5.1. The Company may disclose the data that it collects to its employees, who are responsible for performing the contract or competent for processing requests, handling comments, complaints, questions that are submitted via our websites and where the respective legal conditions are contributory and within the context of their duties, and also to third-party natural or legal persons to whom the Company assigns on a case-by-case basis the performance of specific tasks on its behalf, upon the condition of observing professional confidentiality on each occasion, the duties of confidentiality and privacy and the provisions on personal data protection in general.

5.2. The Company guarantees that it shall not transmit, disclose, and assign, etc. the data of the users of its website to third parties for any whatsoever purpose or use beyond what is explicitly disclosed in this Policy. It moreover reserves the right to disclose information that it collects and transmit the data that it collect from its websites: a) where it is required to do so by the law or where this disclosure is required by the competent supervisory, auditing, independent, judicial, public and/or other authorities; b) where the transmission is necessary for maintaining the security of our products within the context of preventing or suppressing any cyber-attacks on our website; c) where the user of the website has been specifically informed and has provided its written consent in this regard to the Company and the other conditions in the legislative framework are contributory; d) where the transmission is necessary for performing the contract; e) where the transmission is necessary for establishing, exercising or supporting legal claims or defending the rights and property of the Company; or f) where there is a relevant obligation under the law or under an transnational or international treaty.

5.3.The Company legally processes the personal data of the website users.

The storage and processing of the data of the customers and users of our services exclusively and only occurs as permitted by the law or in accordance with the explicit consent of the users, only for the required periods, in order to satisfy the purposes of the processing (as defined hereinabove) or until the user objects to the use of its Personal Data by the Company or withdraws its consent.

The Company may retain in its possession and store with appropriate technical means the data that is collected via its websites for as long as it is deems necessary and reasonable. The Company may retain the Personal Data for a longer period of time in every case that is required by the law or to defend the Company’s interests.

The Company takes the suitable technical and organisational measures in order to safeguard the suitable security level for the said personal data and generally complies with all the principles governing the processing of personal data, in full compliance with the applicable legislation.

The Company undertakes to conduct regular security checks for averting unauthorised access, use, loss, destruction and damage of the personal data that is collected and assumes liability for every violation of the terms herein through its own fault or its employees’ fault.

6. Rights of website users

The users of the website have the following rights in relation to the data that is held by the Company:

6.1. Right of access: The users of the website may request information regarding the processing of their data (such as the categories of data that are collected, the processing purposes, etc.). In the case where the Company uses the personal data in accordance with the consent of the user or in order to conclude a contract with it, the user of the website may request a copy of its personal data that is held regarding the user by the Company.

6.2.  Right to correct or supplement their data where it is incomplete or contains inaccuracies.

6.3. Right to delete all or a section of their data (where for example this data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, etc.) and only in the case where there is no contrary legal obligation or equitable interest by the Company for retaining the data.

6.4. Right to restrict the processing of the data as stipulated by the Law.

6.5. Right to object to the processing of the data that is carried out within the context of pursuing the Company’s equitable interests, as these are mentioned hereinabove.

7. Other information

7.1. The Company does not collect or in any way access through its website specific categories of (“sensitive”) personal data. The visitor is obliged to refrain from providing such data relating to it personally or to third persons. In the opposite case, the data shall be deleted as soon as it comes to our attention. The Company does not have any responsibility towards visitors or third parties regarding any provision or/even processing of such data, which is due to their acts or omissions in violation of the hereinabove obligation.

7.2. Our website may potentially contain “links” to other websites that are not controlled by the Company, but by third parties. In the case where the users of the Company’s website are redirected to third-party websites through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners), GI & GI S-M LLC does not have any responsibility for the terms of personal data management and protection implemented by such third parties. This Policy does not apply to those websites and we recommend that you visit such sites directly in order to be informed about their policy regarding the protection of your personal data.

7.3. We may from time to time modify this Policy so that it is always in accordance with the legal requirements and the manner for conducting our business operations. Should we decide to replace this Policy or to undertake any significant amendments thereto, we shall accordingly notify you by posting a notice on this website. Regularly check this page regarding the most recent edition of this Policy.

Questions regarding the policy and its implementation

GI AND GI S-M LLC is committed to protecting your personal data on the Internet. Should you have any questions or comments regarding our management of your personal data, please contact us at the address and the details mentioned below in the contact information. You may also use this address to inform us about any concerns that you may have regarding our compliance with the Personal Data Protection Declaration on the Internet.

On this site, the terms “we”, “our” and “us” refers to GI AND GI S-M LLC and/or any whatsoever company or companies that are associated with GI AND GI S-M LLC and belong to its Group of companies.

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